HNM artists

A nice mix of all the different High North Music artists. Enjoy! >>> Listen on Spotify

Strange times…

We’re all trying to cope with the changes and to be flexible. The changes has been an inspiration to this playlist, featuring music with a Nordic touch.


Handpicked ambient tracks from the high north, hopefully giving you a smooth transition into the new year.

First snow

Snow change the sounds around us and the light is slowly fading away. Here, we’re entering the dark season. I’d like to share some sounds from the North with you, to celebrate the magic of the winter.

Arctic moods

Inspirational Playlist vol. 3 is featuring Sami band Leagus – electronic music pioneer Mental Overdrive, rising star Third Attempt, the playful sounds of Øivind Sjøvoll/Kohib – and finally – the sexy beats of Charlotte Bendiks. Enjoy!

Cool, Nordic beats!

Inspirational Playlist vol. 2 is more clubby and beats-based, so for those of you who don’t mind dancing, weather if it’s in your office or your living-room — I hope you will enjoy these tracks I’ve chosen for you..

Arctic ambience

Inspirational Playlist vol. 1 is chilled, ambient and relaxed.