Per Martinsen, a 50-something electrician from the town of Tromsø in Northern Norway, bought a synthesizer – a Korg MS-20 – from a friend, when he was 16 years old. Having no luck in making anything slightly interesting with it, except a variation of fart-noises, the machine was left to gather dust in the attic as life as a working family-man mundanely sold(i)ered on. That was until he one morning was abducted by a shining, geometric object in his entryway, while busy putting on his shoes getting ready to go to work, and his life never became the same again.

WAVE∞FORM is a musical project from the coincidentally similarly named long-standing music producer Per Martinsen, also known for his output as MENTAL OVERDRIVE and – more recently – N∆EON TE∆RDROPS. WAVE∞FORM was born out of the “multi-dimensional autobiography” PYRAMIDS ON THE MOON – a three-part fictional story about life and music, written over the last three years as part of an artistic PhD project at the Arctic University of Norway. In the parallel universe of WAVE∞FORM, where a mid-life crisis open the creative gates in an individual that has never made music before, experimentation and flow are the keywords to unlock the demons and ghosts of the machine.

The debut album “Waveform01” was released in 2020 to critical acclaim, and the follow up “Upon These Waves I Sleep” dropped digitally in 2022, with a vinyl release to follow in the fall of 2023. WAVE∞FORM is now also open for live bookings through Standing Ovation Agency. Visit www.pyramidsonthemoon.com to follow the ongoing story, and check out the new Love OD Communications webstore to see what you’ve missed, being stuck in the dimension you currently reside in.


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