Rune Aleksander Winther aka Runther is a young and passionate producer, DJ from Lofoten (Norway). His music-making philosophy is not only to paint fascinating sound palettes, but also to search for and keep the odd glitches and interesting errors he stumbles upon. This could explain why he came up with the artist name Runther: The name was created by mistake when a friend mixed both his first and last name. Currently based in Tromsø to study psychology, he has a DJ residency at Circa and contributes to the underground scene by organizing- and playing at private raves.

One of his greatest moments was doing the rave at the top of “Fjellheisen” (Tromsø Cable Car) which in addition to both electronic- and northern lights sported a panoramic view of the city. In 2016 Runther gathered praise at the Insomnia festival where he showed off his truly unique approach to his powerful blend of electronic music, playing alongside renowned artists like Biosphere, Omar S and André Bratten.

In 2017 he played at LightsOut with artist like Rökysopp, Finnebassen and Charlotte Thorstvedt. 2018 looks bright as he decided to start his own record label, making a platform for himself and paving the way for other artists in the community. Playing at the Sommerøya festival in Oslo 18. aug, with the creme de la creme of electronic music artists, really opened up his eyes for the opportunities that lie ahead. One of the most striking aspects of his work is that it truly furthers the story of Norwegian electronica: this talented performer keeps the flame alive and always respects the influential old schoolmasters of the local scene, while looking forward to the future with his own personality and vision.

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