Petter Carlsen

Hailing from the far north of Norway’s Arctic circle, Alta, Petter Carlsen creates his own unique mix of alt-rock and indie-pop without limits; his atmospheric, melancholic sound infuses elements of jazz, drum machines, progressive rock, and classical instrumentation – or as In Music (DE) describes it: “Nordic melancholy meets a blissful, warm and dreamy voice, that makes you slide on a wave of wellbeing”

Petter just released the beautiful and catchy «I Love The Way You See The World» from is new album «The Sum Of Every Shade». This album aims to bring home all of his influences and it fits the description by Guitar (DE) as Extraordinary, fascinating pop music with Scandinavian flair.

Petter loves to create new sounds and has been working with numerous other artists including Anneke van Giersbergen, Tim Christensen, Julietnorth, Marthe Valle, joining as vocalist for the German band Long Distance Calling on their album “Trips“ in 2016, and even helping score a song for “What Happened To Monday” with Christian Wibe.

His previous album “Glimt“ – an album with complete Norwegian lyrics and more classical and folk influences, was well-received, especially in his home country, helping him win the Arctic Talent Scolarship in August 2017, the biggest award in Northern Norway. “The 2017 winner released what the jury believes is one of the best albums of the year by an artist from northern Norway. By finding back to the roots of the feelings and emotions that make music what it is, and for the first time in his own language, Carlsen has really kicked up some sparks.” Andreas Wulff, Spokesperson for the Arctic Talent Stipend.

Petter is still pushing his limits, and with «I Love The Way You See The World» – he’ll take you into an epic musical journey, with lush melodies in a beautiful soundscape.

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