Niilas is a composer and electronic music artist that blends genres, instruments and electronics into a unique expression of club music. Weaving beats, deep bass and melancholic melodies, he creates glittery textures of sound, all tracing back to his indigenous Sámi background and Arctic aesthetics. Known for energetic live performances, his debut album ‘Also This Will Change’ gained him a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemann) for ‘Electronic Music Record of the Year’ in 2020.

His second album “Stone skipping” was released in 2022.Stone Skipping is an episodic deep-dive into Niilas’ travels, memories and relationship to Sápmi.

The title track itself comes from memories of long days on the rocky beaches of Kåfjord, also called «fjæra» in norwegian. With strange uncles and family members, he remembers skipping rocks on the fjords of Lyngen as a child, never quite getting the hang of it like his elders. Field-recordings from this very beach is used in the track, where Niilas shows intricate sound-design imitating the sound of small and large rocks skipping the surface of the fjord on a sunny day.

Many of the tracks takes place in the homeplace of his grandparents from Olderdalen in Kåfjord. Introtrack «BGR (Big Gray Rock)» is a futuristic sci-fi soundscape based on campfires around «Ellasteinen», through the forest from his family’s house.

Elegantly manoeuvring the borders between house, techno, ambient and sound design, Niilas recently released his third solo album ‘Stone Skipping’, where Sámi traditional singing ‘joik’ met the Moog Matriarch and the Iranian santoor. Also serving dripping soundscapes on the new ambient album ‘Hydrophane’ and rock solid house music on his second release ‘Also This Will Change’, Niilas is hard to pin down – and always leaves his audience wanting more.

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