Per Martinsen released his first record under the name MENTAL OVERDRIVE on the legendary Belgian label R&S RECORDS in 1990. The “12000AD EP” presented 5 tracks with a focus on heavy, industrial-inspired techno, and launched a three decades and counting long career as an electronic music producer. Since then, the output of MENTAL OVERDRIVE has evolved through many musical variations, ranging from mellow electronica to nu-disko-inspired beats – all processed through the artistic lens of a restless and constantly moving soul.

In 2019, when embarking on the artistic research project “THE SEARCH FOR RESONANCE” at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, followed by the social inertia that was imposed on the world through the pandemic in the following year, an opportunity to pause and look back at these 30-plus years of musical activity presented itself for the first time. This sudden inability to move forward induced a sense of claustrophobia that triggered creativity to go elsewhere, and in a state of stillness and forced hindsight, an urge to re-imagine the whole story of MENTAL OVERDRIVE – both personally and musically, presented itself. Thus, the story of MENTAL OVERDRIVE was re-written, based on the traces of blurred memories, releases, memorabilia, photos and press-cuttings from the “real” world, mixed with an imagination all dressed up with nowhere to go – in true “Keyser Söze” style. The result was the “multi-dimensional autobiography” PYRAMIDS ON THE MOON – an ongoing three-part story where Martinsen explores three different imagined timelines of his own life, and where each of the three personas living in parallel universes create music under different aliases. In addition to MENTAL OVERDRIVE, he now also releases records and performs under the artist names WAVE∞FORM and N∆EON TE∆RDROPS, and lets each musical project draw its inspiration from the writing process.

The “Integratron EP” was released in 2020, based on the imagined experience of travelling to other dimensions with the aid of selected sound frequencies, and a bulk of unreleased material sits firmly in a folder named “shit_for_editing” on the studio computer. Meanwhile, look out for live hardware jams, retrospective gigs revisiting his extensive back-catalogue, or DJ sets summing up a personal history of manic record collecting since the Universe said “Let there be House”. MENTAL OVERDRIVE is open for live and DJ bookings through Standing Ovation Agency. Visit to follow the developing story, and check out the new Love OD Communications webstore to see what you’ve missed, being stuck in the dimension you currently reside in.

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