LEAGUS is a contemporary and improvised musical act rooted in a coastal sami tradition. The duo consists of pianist and vocalist Herborg Rundberg and guitarist Kristian Svalestad Olstad. Their debut Lea Áigi (CAMO 2016) was recorded in duo format and received brilliant reviews in both Norwegian and foreign press, as did their concerts supporting the album. The music spanned from dimmed minimalistic psalm-like pieces to intrusive and rapid free-noise parts. Herborg’s previous work with coastal sami music and Kristian’s extended use of guitar, set the recurrent theme of the music presented on Lea Áigi. This release established LEAGUS as a contemporary and uncompromising act from the sami area in arctic Norway.

Their second album Naimaka was released in January 2019. Naimakka is a small an extremely cold place in the far northern part of Sweden. This remote place housed Herborg’s family on her father’s side in the 19th century. As well as being a euphonious title, Naimaka also refers to the Sami flavour of LEAGUS` music. Naimaka shows a larger and more constructed side of the band as this record was recorded with to external musicians; drummers Wetle Holte and Christer Jørgensen. Pieces with more traditional structures and compositional techniques is merged together with the free musical language LEAGUS is known for in the past.

Their latest album “Flora Ealinn” was released in 2023 on Is it jazz? Records receiving great rewviews in the jazz/experimental music community:




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