Aggie Frost

Aggie hails from Tromsø and is one of the 2nd generation electronic artists emerging from the legendary electronic music scene in this arctic town of creaticity. She’s released 4 albums as electro-pop project Frost (incollaboration with Per Martinsen, Röyksopp, Rune Lindbæk ++) – but she also writes and produces her own music. Athmospheric, melancholic, emotional.

In 2022, she released her first solo-album, produced, programmed & performed by herself – it’s in Norwegian and it’s called Perlemor (Mother of Pearls) – reflecting upon motherhood, grown-up life, responsibilities and dreams… Listen to Perlemor here.

Aggie also compose and produce music for films, theatre and art installations. Listen to her SoundCloud-stuff here:

She is also a keen topliner and loves to write songs for other artists. Like this one for Adrian Modiggård, Sony ATV Sweden.

Aggie is also the founder of High North Music and she sets up the songcamp-series Songlines, based in Tromsø.

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