Aggie Frost is an artist, singer and producer – a long time provider of electronic music, hailing from techno-town Tromsø, known for the alt-pop project Frost, and her recent solo project Aggie Frost. 
She founded High North Music to collect the musical gems from the North, with special attention to music that will sync well with film. The music is one stop and cleared for sync.
HNM’s catalogue includes music from the up and coming youngsters with the right edge, to more established songwriters, artists and composers.
Keywords are arctic – ambient – epic – Samí – Nordic folk, dreaming – floating – dark – gloomy – electronic beats – experimental – quirky – Nordic – and, well… spacious music!
The HNM roaster includes artists like electronic music wizards Niilas, Kohib, Mental Overdrive,Charlotte Bendiks and Boska, to mesmerising Samí and folk rooted music by Soljú, Leagus, Julie Alapnes and Gajanas – to singer/songwriter based music by Lisa Skoglund, Petter Carlsen and Aggie Frost.