I am Aggie Peterson – singer, composer, producer – and founder of High North Music. I started HNM because I love music – and I love film. I love how these two powerful means of communication connect and get stronger together. I ‘ve been a part of the Tromsø electronic music scene, since back in the days at high school in the late 90-s. Creating music with friends, such as Torbjørn and Svein from Röyksopp, Rune from Those Norwegians – and later Per Martinsen aka Mental Overdrive. I’ve released 4 albums with the electronic-alternative-pop-project Frost, where I sing, play and co-produce.

HNM presents some of my favourite music, created by skilled composers, producers and artists hailing from the North.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you’re looking for something a little bit different – a bit off, a bot weird, magical, etheric, other-worldy, quirky or spacious-epic stuff — I’ll find something for you.

I am paying close attention to what’s emerging on the music scene here in the North. I can also connect you with skilled film-composers if you want commissioned and special-made music to your visual production.



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